Diane Janes



The Skeleton Tree

Killing isn't an end, it's a beginning...

When Wendy's unexpected inheritance enables the purchase of her dream home, what begins as an intriguing examination of the property's dark history begins to look like an ominous foreshadowing of the future.

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The Missing Diamond Murder

...it was only when we realised that the diamond was missing that we really began to suspect there was something wrong...

For their third investigation Fran Black and Tom Dod are called to Devon, where the Edgerton family appear to have lost both a valuable diamond and the head of the family in a single afternoon.

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A Stroke of Bad Luck

'It must have been obvious... that the whole truth had not been told.'

One bitter day in January 1934 a young woman pays an unexpected visit to the occupant of the condemned cell in Armley Jail in Leeds. The man is Ernest Brown, who stands convicted of the murder of his employer, Frederick Morton, and is soon to be hanged. The woman is Florence Morton, the victim's sister. Florence knows that Ernest is a bad lot... but did he kill her brother?

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The Poisoned Chalice Murder

So maybe we have got three accidents, or maybe we have got three murders... or it could be a combination of both.

Miss Henrietta Venn has become suspicious about a run of sudden deaths in the parish of Durley Dean. Desirous of setting some discreet enquiries in motion, she naturally turns to her nephew Tom Dod and his friend Fran Black....

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The Magic Chair Murder

I don't believe that it was suicide, do you?

The night before she's due to make a speech to the Robert Barnaby Society on the subject of the famous writer's 'magic chair', committee member Linda Dexter disappears. When her body is discovered two days later, fellow members Frances Black and Tom Dod determine to find out the truth about her death.

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Death at Wolf's Nick

On the night of 6 January 1931 a young woman was found dying on the Northumberland moors next to her smouldering car and covered in horrific burns. In the hours before she died, she claimed that she had been attacked, doused in petrol and set alight by a bowler-hatted stranger. Dubbed 'the invisible man' Evelyn Foster's attacker was never identified - or was he? More than eighty years later, Diane Janes was granted access to the original police files and the truth about what happened that night has finally emerged...

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Stick or Twist

"I want you to understand... how it all started ... where it all began..."

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of a kidnapper, Jude Thackeray seemed unlikely to trust any man again. Then she meets Mark Medlicott and romance is back on the agenda. But is Mark who - and what - he seems?

A twisting tale of suspense, set in East Anglia and Cornwall.

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Swimming in the Shadows

"You can hide - but you can't escape your past"

Jennifer Reynolds has invented a new life for herself in Yorkshire, but when a TV programme is broadcast, re-opening the Jennifer Reynolds 'missing persons' case, and the very next day a local girl is found murdered, Jennifer finds that her new life is abruptly under threat.

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The Case of the Poisoned Partridge: The Strange Death of Lieutenant Chevis

On 22 June 1931, Hugh Chevis and Frances, his bride of six months, sat down to dinner as usual at their bungalow at Deepcut Barracks. Within an hour, Chevis was showing signs of strychnine poisoning and by next morning he was dead. Thus began one of the most intriguing murder enquiries of the twentieth century - soon to become known as The Case of the Poisoned Partridge. When a mysterious telegram arrived from Dublin on the day of Hugh's funeral, containing the words HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY the Surrey police found themselves at the centre of an international investigation, considering clues from Eire, India and the Far East. Suspicion also fell on those closer to home. Was it possible to break the alibi provided by Major Jackson, Frances' former husband? And what of the enigmatic Frances herself? Featuring previously unpublished material, this book provides the definitive account of the Case of the Poisoned Partridge.

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Why Don't You Come for Me?

"We all hope for a happy ending, but not all of us get one."

Sometimes Jo still wakes suddenly, thinking she can hear Lauren's cry. Ever since the abduction of her baby daughter, photos of the child have continued to arrive, bearing the words I Still Have Her. The police think it's the work of a hoaxer but Jo has always believed them to be genuine - and until there is some hard evidence to the contrary, she will always hold on to the belief that Lauren is still alive. But if the pictures really do come from the kidnapper it means that they have been keeping track of Jo's movements for years - and recently Jo has begun to feel as if she is being watched - and that whoever has her daughter is getting closer.

Is Jo's husband right to dismiss her fears as paranoia, or might Jo herself be in danger? As her life begins to unravel Jo fears that the truth may lie in older events; in a half-forgotten childhood world, scarred by rumours of insanity and murder.

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The Pull of the Moon    

The Pull of the Moon

Knowledge is power, but secrets are more powerful still... secrets have a life of their own and a way of working themselves to centre stage... The danger is always there, that one way or another, a secret is going to find a way out...

How well do we really know our friends?

In 1972 a carefree summer in the Herefordshire countryside ended in tragedy. More than thirty years later, Kate Mayfield receives a letter from Mrs Ivanisovic, and realises that the secret she has kept all this time is not so safe as she imagined. How much does Mrs Ivanisovic know already - and to what ends might she use this knowledge? As Kate recalls the events of that long vanished summer, a story of love, loss, murder and lies is finally revealed.

Published by Constable £18.99 Hardback (ISBN 9781849012720)
£6.99 Paperback (ISBN 9781849010467)

Available in the USA from Soho Press and published by Diana Verlag in Germany as Was im Dunkeln liegt.

Poisonous Lies    

Poisonous Lies: The Croydon Arsenic Mystery

In suburban Croydon over a period of ten months during 1928-9, three members of the same family died suddenly. The first two deaths were initially ascribed to natural causes, but the third death was considered suspicious and as a result the police were alerted and all three bodies were exhumed, with Sir Bernard Spilsbury performing the post mortems. He concluded that all three deaths were due to arsenical poisoning.
The case became an immediate sensation: there followed a long series of inquest hearings, during which speculation was rife as to who had administered the poison. There was a very limited range of suspects - effectively only a handful of people had been in a position to carry out all three murders - but in spite of intensive investigations, no one was ever charged and the murders remain officially unsolved.
In a meticulously researched book, Diane Janes recreates these events as they unfolded and provides a definitive solution to an enduring mystery.

Published by The History Press £14.99 Paperback (ISBN 9780752453378)

Edwardian Murder    

Edwardian Murder: Ightham & the Morpeth Train Robbery

In August 1908 Caroline Luard was shot dead at an isolated summerhouse near Ightham in Kent. Shortly afterwards, amid mounting public suspicion, her husband, Major General Charles Luard committed suicide. Nearly two years later, John Nisbet, a colliery cashier was murdered on a train in Northumberland. He had been shot in the head and his leather bag containing over £400 of wages was missing.
Three days after Nisbet's murder, the police arrested a man called John Dickman, who went on to be tried and executed for the offence, although the conviction rested on circumstantial evidence and was a source of widespread concern. Many years later C H Norman, who acted as official shorthand writer at Dickman's trial, exposed an alleged conspiracy to frame John Dickman, with links to the unsolved murder of Caroline Luard.
Drawing on multiple original sources, Diane Janes reveals the truth about C H Norman's strange involvement in the case, exposes the myth of General Luard's "unbreakable alibi" and raises a fascinating possibility about the proceeds of the train murder.

Published by The History Press £14.99 Hardback (ISBN 9780750947800)

NOW OUT IN PAPERBACK £12.99 Paperback (ISBN 9780752449456)

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